B1060 Fiberglass Oblong Suspension Violin Case

A totally new style for the traditional oblong case in glossy, colorful and strong fiberglass with a luxurious velour or velvet interior, the B1060 features a large accessory pocket, hygrometer, tough flip latches and a weatherproof valance. Travel cover comes with each case for traveling and includes a large music pocket. Includes shoulder strap hygrometer, humistat and instrument blanket.

    Available Sizes with Dimensions and Weight:
  1. 4/4: 31" long, 10" wide, 5.5" thick (7.5lbs)

    Available Color Combinations:
  1. Apple Green/Tan
  2. Black/Wine
  3. Blue/Gray
  4. Green/Tan
  5. Ivory/Blue
  6. Orange/Blue
  7. Pink/Gray
  8. Purple/Gray
  9. Red/Gray
  10. Yellow/Blue