B1007 Fiberglass Shaped Suspensions Violin Case

Our slim shaped fiberglass violin case is smaller and lighter than our fiberglass oblong cases. The bright colors enhance the luxurious interiors while providing super strength for the ultimate protection. Fits most carry-on dimension restrictions for air travel. Does not include straps. Includes instrument blanket.

    Available Sizes with Dimensions and Weight:
  1. 4/4: 5" thick, 31" long, 9.5" wide (6lbs)

    Available Color Combinations:
  1. Apple Green/Tan
  2. Black/Wine
  3. Blue/Gray
  4. Green/Tan
  5. Orange/Blue
  6. Pink/Gray
  7. Purple/Gray
  8. Red/Gray
  9. Skyblue/Gray
  10. Yellow/Blue