Bobelock Case Company




Bobelock cases have been designed to provide there users with many years of satisfaction. In the unlikely event that a problem arises on one of our cases as a result of defect in our materials or workmanship within one year following the original purchase date we will repair it at our expense(or replace it if it cannont be repaired)*

Fiberglass cases are not for everyone. You must consider the general use, needs, and situations in which a fiberglass case will be used. Fiberglass cases demand extra care in handling and that is why we make and provide protective soft material bags. Please take time to research the inherent material qualities of all fiberglass case construction. Because of the fragile nature of fiberglass finish in comparison to our standard cloth covered cases, coverage of fiberglass cases will only be in effect if the soft material cover is used and are warranted against failures in materials or workmanship for up to one year from date of purchase with proof of purchase. We emphasize the special care necessary so that you may make the best decision for yourself.

Our warranty does not constitute a warranty for the life of the product. Bobelock instrument cases are quality made but are not industructible. Therefore our warranty does not include product damage resulting from user error or accidental damage of the product. We will not cover possible damage to the contents of the case.

Components of the case will show wear over time with normal use. While this type of normal wear is not included in our warranty, we are happy to offer replacement parts and repair. Please contact us for details

We ask users to contact their authorized Bobelock dealer first when after sales service is required. Any expense for returning a case to Bobelock will be covered by the sender

*Subject to normal use(evaluation at Bobelocks discretion)