B16002 Puffy Oblong SUspension Violin Case

The B16002 Oblong Violin Case is our economy hill style oblong case with a puffy padded cover for more color and style. Model B16002P features luxury at an affordable price and the bright padded covers will help show off your unique personality. The arched top gives superior protection for up to four bows as well as the fully suspended violin bed. Includes shoulder strap and instrument blanket.

    Available Sizes with Dimensions and Weight:
  1. 4/4: 5.5" thick, 31" long, 9.5" wide (6lbs)

    Available Color Combinations:
  1. Blue/Gray
  2. Green/Tan*
  3. Pink/Gray
  4. Purple/Gray
  5. Red/Gray
  6. *Tan interior is VELOUR, not velvet*